I will some day explain more about Martin Walsh and The Witching Hour Sessions, but for now this is just a brief introduction.

Martin was my uncle and friend. A wonderful man, who left a huge impression on everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. In 2013, Martin was diagnosed with cancer, and so began a five year battle with the disease, that sadly ended on May 8th 2018.

Throughout his illness, Martin was a tower of strength to his family and friends. His acceptance of his situation, and the courage, determination and positivity he displayed throughout that ordeal, was simply inspiring.

During his final year, at a time when he found it difficult to sleep at night, The Witching Hour Sessions, first appeared. Posted on a Facebook group – Rollercoaster Records, the Sessions became a daily feature, which rapidly grew in popularity. They portray both Martin’s incessant love for, and in depth knowledge of music.


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