May 2017

The Witching Hour Sessions – PJ Harvey

The Witching Hour Sessions – 25/05/2017 PJ Harvey Received a much appreciated loan of the Lou Reed and PJ Harvey Uncut Ultimate Music Guides from Declan Culliton today. Some mighty fine articles contained within both and the Polly issue inspired me to take out 3 of her fine albums for tonight’s ‘listening before another futile …
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The Witching Hour Sessions – Willard Grant Conspiracy

The Witching Hour Sessions – 09/05/17 Willard Grant Conspiracy One of my greatest Roots memories will be of catching Willard Grant Conspiracy at the peak of their country gothic performance powers in the Watergate some years ago. I think they were supported by Hot Club Of Cowtown on the night. Great, great gig as they …
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The Witching Hour Sessions – Gene Clarke

The Witching Hour Sessions – 06/05/17 Gene Clarke. My favourite music from an ex-Byrd comes from the incomparable Gene Clarke. I could listen to his art forever. ‘Flying High’ has to be one of the greatest compilation albums on the market. While ‘No Other’ and ‘White Light’ are up there with any artists work. Gene …
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