Country Rock

The Witching Hour Sessions – Long Ryders

The Witching Hour Sessions – 25/01/2018 Long Ryders Like their peers in the Los Angeles Paisley Underground movement of the ’80s, the Long Ryders were a band who swore allegiance to the sounds of the ’60s, but unlike the Dream Syndicate, the Rain Parade, or Green on Red, psychedelic rock played a miniscule role in …
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The Witching Hour Sessions – The Flying Burrito Brothers

The Witching Hour Sessions – 06/12/2017 The Flying Burrito Brothers Though The Flying Burrito Brothers glory days were brief and the original lineup left behind a small but highly influential body of work, their 1969 debut album ‘The Gilded Palace Of Sin’ virtually invented country rock. Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman took the name when …
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