The Witching Hour Sessions – Prince

Due to some unexpected and severe brain seizure activity this evening, tonight’s Witching Hours Session comes to you a few hours earlier than usual. Please overlook this (hopefully) once off and with a bit of luck normal service will be resumed tomorrow night. Sleep hopefully comes rushing now…..

The Witching Hour Sessions – 24/01/2018


Prince Rogers Nelson (1958 – 2016) was an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and director who was known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, extravagant dress and makeup, and wide vocal range. His innovative music integrated a wide variety of styles, including funk, rock, jazz, R&B, new wave, soul, psychedelia, and pop. He has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. He won eight Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award for the 1984 film Purple Rain, He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Prince signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records at the age of 17, and released his debut album ‘For You’ in 1978. His 1979 album ‘Prince’ went platinum, and his next three records—’Dirty Mind’ (1980), ‘Controversy’ (1981), and ‘1999’ (1982)—continued his success, showcasing Prince’s prominently sexual lyrics and blending of funk, dance, and rock music. In 1984, he began referring to his backup band as The Revolution and released ‘Purple Rain’, the soundtrack album to his film debut and selling over 20 million copies worldwide. After releasing the albums ‘Around the World in a Day’ (1985) and ‘Parade’ (1986), The Revolution disbanded, and Prince released the double album ‘Sign o’ the Times’ (1987) as a solo artist. He released three more solo albums before debuting The New Power Generation band in 1991.

In 1993, while in a contractual dispute with Warner Bros he changed his stage name to a Prince logo an unpronounceable symbol also known as the “Love Symbol”, and began releasing new albums at a faster pace to remove himself from contractual obligations.In 2000, he began referring to himself as “Prince” again. He released 16 albums after that, including the platinum-selling ‘Musicology’ (2004). His final album,’ Hit n Run Phase Two’, was first released on the Tidal streaming service on December 2015. Five months later, Prince died of a fentanyl overdose at his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Minnesota, at the age of 57.

Tonight’s listening:

1 – Dirty Mind (1980)

‘Dirty Mind’ is a stunning, mix of funk, new wave, R&B, and pop. It’s a breathtaking, visionary album, and its fusion of synthesizers, rock rhythms, and funk set the style for much of the urban soul and funk of the early ’80s.

2 – 1999 (1982)

After delivering the album, ‘Controversy’, Prince revamped his sound and delivered the double album ‘1999’. ‘1999’ was constructed almost entirely on synthesizers by Prince himself. The result is a stunning display of raw talent.

3 – Purple Rain (1984)

Prince designed ‘Purple Rain’ as the project that would make him a superstar, and, surprisingly, that is exactly what happened. ‘Purple Rain’ finds Prince consolidating his funk and R&B roots while moving boldly into pop, rock, and heavy metal with nine superbly crafted songs. One of the most exciting rock & roll albums ever recorded.

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