Witching Hour Session – Arab Strap – December 4th 2017

Witching Hour Session, December 4th 2017.

Arab Strap.

Arab Strap are a Scottish indie band formed by Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton in Falkirk in 1995. Their music featured frank, unflinching but honest narratives about all aspects of life. Arab Straps first two albums ‘The Week Never Starts Around Here’ (1996) and ‘Philophobia’ (1998) depicted the desperate decadence of post-Thatcherite Britain.

5 more studio albums were released between 2000 – 2006 including the excellent ‘Elephant Shoe’ (2000) and ‘The Red Thread’ (2001)

In 2006 the band announced that they were splitting up, however they reformed in 2016 but with no intention of recording again.

Tonight’s listening;

Philophobia (1998)

Elephant Shoe (2000)

The Red Thread (2001)

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