The Witching Hour Sessions – Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

The Witching Hour Sessions – 13/01/2018

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions were formed in Glasgow in 1982. Between 1984 and 1989, the band scored four Top 20 albums and five Top 40 singles in the UK. After breaking up in 1989, Cole embarked on a solo career but the band reformed briefly in 2004 to perform a 20th anniversary mini-tour of the UK and Ireland.

The band were formed whilst Cole (who was born in Derbyshire, England) was studying at the University of Glasgow. They signed to Polydor Records their debut single ‘Perfect Skin’ reaching number 26 in the UK charts in Spring 1984, while the second single ‘Forest Fire’ reached 41. The first album, ”Rattlesnakes’, was released in 1984.

The follow-up album, ‘Easy Pieces’, was produced by Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley. Released in 1985,the album was a much quicker commercial success than its predecessor. The singles ‘Brand New Friend’ and ‘Lost Weekend’ were the band’s first and only UK Top 20 hits.

Two years later, the band released their third and final album, ‘Mainstream’, the album peaked at No. 9 in the UK and was also certified gold, but contained only one UK Top 40 single, ‘Jennifer She Said’

In 1989, the band decided to split up and released a “best of” compilation, ‘1984-1989’, which was their fourth Top 20 album.

Tonights listening:

1 – Rattlesnakes (1984)

One of the finest debuts of the ’80s, and possibly the defining album of the whole U.K. indie jangle scene that also included Prefab Sprout, Aztec Camera, and dozens of other bands. Rattlesnakes is a classic

2 – Easy Pieces (1985)

Full of delightful pop songs about people called Jesus, James and James. The band’s most successful release.

3 – Mainstream (1987)

A bit of a disappointment but still containing some fine songs like ‘Jennifer’, ‘Sean Penn Blues’ and ‘My Bag’.

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