The Witching Hour Sessions – The Frank & Walters

The Witching Hour Sessions – 12/01/2018

The Frank & Walters

The Frank and Walters were formed in Cork in 1990 by brothers Paul and Niall Lenihan along with Ashley Keating. They gained a cult following in Cork and quickly signed up to Setenta Record from where they released 3 EP’s. They released their debut album ‘Trains, Boats and Planes’ in 1993 which contained material from their previous 3 EP’s the followed this 3 years later with the superb and definitive Frank and Walters album ‘Grand Parade’. Probably the place to start when checking out the band. Another 3 years passed before the release of another quiet superb album ‘Beauty Becomes More Than Life’.

The band have released a few more good and well received albums since then; ‘Glass’ (2000), ‘A Renewed In Happiness’ (2006) and ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ (2012).

The band have played Electric Picnic a couple of times over the past few years. A much more under appreciated band is hard to imagine and a band that is aways worth checking out.

Tonight’s listening;

1 – Trains, Boats and Planes (1993)

An album full of touching, positive and optimistic songs fuelled by jangly guitars. A winning album and a necessary addition to any fans collection.

2 – The Grand Parade (1996)

Bears repeated listening like all good albums. ‘Indian Ocean’ is one of the finest Irish rock songs of all time IMHO. The songs are full of optimism and are uplifting to a fault! The Frank and Walters at the peak of their emotional power. An infinitely enjoyable record and the place to start for anyone new to the band.

3 – Beauty Becomes More Than Life (1999)

Another album full of great songs like ‘Time We Said Tonight’, ‘Woman’ and ‘Plenty Times’. A fine album.

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