The Witching Hour Sessions – The Frank & Walters

The Witching Hour Sessions – 12/01/2018 The Frank & Walters The Frank and Walters were formed in Cork in 1990 by brothers Paul and Niall Lenihan along with Ashley Keating. They gained a cult following in Cork and quickly signed up to Setenta Record from where they released 3 EP’s. They released their debut album …
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The Witching Hours Session – Microdisney – September 22nd 2017

The Witching Hours Session – 22/09/2017 Microdisney Formed in Cork in 1980, Microdisney were built around the songwriting partnership of Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan. An early formation of the band released their recordings on the brilliantly titled ‘We Hate You South African Bastards’ in 1984, this was released post-apartheid as ‘Love Your Enemies’ By …
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